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About me.

Paul - Hi, I’m Paul. I have been with Lytham Tutors since the start of 2022, mostly focusing on GCSE

Maths and Science. I also tutor students in Computer Science and English as a Foreign Language,

which I trained in at Columbia Teachers’ College, USA. Originally I studied for a BA in Natural


I have been a classroom teacher and tutor for over 15years, in the UK as well as South Korea,

Japan and China, and more recently have developed Science courses for a large online learning


My tutorials are often centred around structured practice of specific topic areas, with an

approach geared toward getting students to speak freely about topics in their own voices. I am

happy to tailor sessions with either general revision, exam preparation or new learning and

discovery in mind.

In my free time, I enjoy tennis, movies and triathlons.

Hope to see you soon!

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